Primary House Parents

BrickHouse Family Ministries is a Christian residential home and school on a farm setting for teenage boys ages 13-17. We provide a Christ-centered program on a 40 acre cattle farm where teenagers in crisis are healed and restored to their families. BHFM is looking for a husband and wife team in a committed relationship for a full time Primary House Parent role. This is a central role to our ministry. They are the leaders of the home environment and set the tone for the residential atmosphere. Our BHFM House Parents reside with up to five teenage boys in a very unique and life changing environment. This couple works on a rotational schedule with Support House Parent(s). The Primary House Parents provide guidance, leadership, accountability, prayer support and stability for teenage boys besides working with the families. Their role is not to replace the teen’s parents but to promote the healing and restoration of teens to their parents and families, while providing an example of a healthy Christian home. This couple needs to have the spiritual and emotional strength and maturity to handle crisis situations always putting God first and emphasizing the safety of the staff and residents. Being on a farm setting, this position requires the husband to oversee the farm chores and facilities maintenance. Chores for the residents need to be mapped out weekly in a “hands-on” manner. The husband will work under the guidance of the farm manager and beside the farm store manager. BHFM has a farm store where our beef is sold with other high quality meat products. Our teens have the opportunity to learn work experience, life skills and Biblical principles to assist them in their growth into adulthood. The husband will be required to maintain and oversee the cleanliness of all vehicles used for BHFM. The husband will demonstrate the ability to be creative, handy, self-motivated and be able to take initiative and personal ownership for the home, farm, livestock and vehicles. Being in a home setting, this position requires the wife to handle the daily home chores, meals, and model a loving, nurturing home environment. Strong BHFM team environment. Key distinction is parental involvement throughout with goal of returning each teen home to a healthy environment and loving family relationships. Christ-centered culture providing spiritual, emotional, physical and academic development. Seeking House Parent Couple to provide support for teens mild-moderate behaviors at BHFM.  Wonderful opportunity to interact with both teens and parents and provide Biblical truth and Christ love.  Please send your cover letter and resume to  

Contact Information

Name: Alicia Hill
Position: Executive Director
Phone: 2608244774
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