Custodial Staff

Holy Cross Lutheran Church & School is looking for a part time custodial staff for our 120,000 sq. ft. campus. The primary duties of this position include building & grounds custodial care.  Cleaning, empty trash containers, sweep floors and mop floors, change out paper products

Content (information about the job) Primary Objective:

Support the ministry goals of Holy Cross Lutheran Church by being a good steward of the facilities the Lord has blessed us with through his people. Custodial


Possess the basic knowledge/skills experience necessary to perform all job tasks in professional and productive manner. 

Able to organize work, set priorities and work independently  

Able to lift 75 lbs.

Have complete mobility in building & grounds activities

Able to work in church/school environmental conditions

Available for on-call maintenance and security emergencies

Active in the ministry of a local Christian church


Desirable attributes:

Possess High School Diploma

Have three years’ experience in custodial work

Member of Holy Cross Lutheran Church


Major Area of Responsibilities:


1.  Building and Grounds   Custodial Care

         Cleaning of classrooms, which includes empty trash containers, sweep floors and mop.
         Cleaning restrooms, which includes empty trash, clean sinks, toilets, urinals, mirrors, sweep and mop floors, change out paper products.
         Take trash to outside dumpsters. Close and lock class rooms when completed work,
         Hallways will need to be swept dusted and moped daily, after classrooms and bathrooms finished
         Some areas of the facility has carpeting, which get vacuumed daily,
         Each custodian will have their own designated area to clean. All areas have a custodian’s closet. This will be the starting point of the shift.
         All above work is a daily requirement and as always some areas are subject to change as needed.
         Cafeteria will need mopped and trash removed daily which will be starting point for our 1 to 5 custodian.
         Other duties and tasks as assigned which could include light maintenance and seasonal tasks

Contact Information

Contact Name: Dave Gross

Contact Position: Facilities manager

Contact E-Mail:

Contact Phone Number:

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