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If you have any other questions about the web site not covered here, you can e-mail webmaster@star883.com

How can I advertise my business on STAR?

How can I advertise my business on STAR?

Because of FCC rules, we can't run commercials like you hear on other stations...BUT... you can become a "Business Sponsor" or even an "Impact Partner". Either way, you can greatly benefit from your name being heard on STAR because our listeners love to support businesses who share their values! 

With a monthly gift, we can air a short "acknowledegment" that simply mentions your business name, the services you provide, and where you're located. 

Along with that, your information will be added to our on-line Business Directory to where we can list further details about your business including a Google map of your location, and a link to your web site. With the on-line listing, there are additional ways and creative things we can do to help promote your business. To find out more, we encourage you to contact [Tracy Bullion]  who can explain some of these options to you.

These are businesses and organizations who support STAR financially at a very significant level. These are some of the partners you see on our web site. If you'd like to discuss what becoming an Impact Partner could look like for your business or organization, please contact [Melissa Montana] 

How do I contact a DJ such as Brant and Sheri?

All of the DJ's can be contacted via e-mail using [firstname]@star883.com. You can also visit our Contact page. Brant and Sherri also have a toll-free number that you can call. It's 1-855-90-BRANT. If you have a story to share with Penny for 'Keep the Faith' she can be reached at 1-404-741-1047.

How do I sponsor a day on STAR?

How do I sponsor a day on STAR?

It's pretty easy and a great way to show your support of the station. Most listeners will use this opportunity to celebrate a family birthday, anniversary or special event such as a graduation, a wedding, confirmation, or a specific milestone or accomplishment. For a gift of $480.00, we will air your message on STAR a total of 8 times during the broadcast day. To get started:

1. You can download the Day Sponsor Form [here] or call the station to have a form sent to you.
2. Write up some bullet points you would like to include in the message. 
3. Send the form back to us AT LEAST 7 BUSINESS DAYS before you want the announcement to play on the station. You can physically mail the form back to us with your check or e-mail it with your electronic payment information.

Please note:
-There may be as many as 2 other sponsors on the same day you have reserved
-Day Sponsor announcements cannot exceed 30 seconds which is approcimately 65 words. 
-STAR reserves the right to edit or modify announcements to fit program requirements. 

Contact [carla] if you have any further questions about sponsoring a day on STAR. 

How do you pick the songs that get played?

Songs that are played on STAR 88.3 are determined by members of the STAR 88.3 Music Team. While you are always welcome to send in a request for a song to be played on the station, we encourage you to join the Music Team to where you can vote on these songs by participating in our regular surveys. 

I’m an artist. How do I get my songs considered for airplay?

I'm an artist. How do I get my songs considered for airplay?

It's very rare that a music station in this day in age can break a song or an artist. While we encourage local artists to pursue their gifting, we also want to help you in any way we can by giving you direction on what we feel would be most beneficial for you. We have strong relationships with many promoters throughout the country who specialize in working songs by independent Christian artists to radio. We encourage you to contact these promoters who can help you better understand how this elaborate process of getting your songs on the radio really works:

Centricity Music (AC, Top 40)- Kory Henkel  - kory@centricitymusic.com
55 Promotion (AC, Top 40) - Josh Lauritch - josh@55promotion.com
Kyle Fenton Promotions (AC, Top 40, Rock) - kylefentonpromotions@gmail.com
Chris Hauser Promotions (AC, Top 40) - hauserpromotions@comcast.net
Matt Ingle Promotions (All formats) - matt@mattinglepromotions.com
Jennifer Moutiet Promotions (AC, Top 40) - jmoutiet@gmail.com

Signing up for STARText messages

You can get specific text messages from STAR 88.3 sent to your cell phone, and it's as easy as simply typing in a keyword to join. No personal information is collected except for your cell number. Once you've sent the message to the number listed below, you will receive a confirmation message along with how to unsubscribe if you wish to no longer receive certain messages.

To get the Positive Thought of the Day* (sent Monday-Friday mornings before 9am) text: STARTHOUGHT to 88588
To get Severe Weather or Amber Alerts* (sent only in the event of Storm Warnings or Amber Alerts) text: STARALERT to 88588
To get messages about upcoming events* (no more than once a week) text: STAREVENT to 88588

*Message and Data Rates May Apply. You may opt out at any time by sending STOP to 88588. This program is supported by Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Sprint, T-Mobile®, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, MetroPCS, and U.S. Cellular. Products & services are compatible with AT&T handsets

What are ways our organization can get an event promoted on STAR?

What are ways our organization can get an event promoted on STAR?

There are several ways depending on the nature of the event along with availability. The most important thing to know is that our calendar is nearly full most of the year, but here are a few options to consider:

1. Community Calendar - Your event can be posted on star883.com. It's FREE of charge for any like-minded organization who may have a very limited (if any) budget. All events sent to us for consideration are previewed to make sure they are in line with the values that STAR promotes at all times.

2. Request a DJ (Public Appearance) - Invite a STAR radio personality to speak or serve as emcee at your special event. A talent fee is required. In some cases, we would also setup a table. (See next item).

3. Van Stops - These can look different based on the event. Most common is where we come to your event, set up a table and give away stuff. It's typically staffed by a STAR 88.3 Street Team member and possibly a STAR radio personality. For an additional charge, we can also have our mascot STARRY appear at your event, especially if it's event geared toward younger kids. There's also the option (an additional charge) of a STAR 88.3 personality hosting a "Live Broadcast" from your location. For a typical event, we are on site for three hours.

*** For a paid-ticked event, we would ask for complimentary tickets for staff members, clients, volunteers and listeners. The number of tickets will vary depending on the type of event and promotional value. *** Please note that certain restrictions apply because of our license with the FCC. Contact us for details. 

4. Sponsor a day - This is a creative way to promote your event. A paid 30-second recorded announcement ($480.00 or $40.00/month) would air on STAR during the day you wish for it to play on the station. Depending on the type of event as well as availability, it can be scheduled to air a week before the event, the day before, or the day of the event as long as the annoucement is turned in on time and the first monthly payment has been received. 

Because of the high demand of requests, it is crucial that you contact us as soon as possible so that we have enough time to consider your event. Based on the extent of the event, we recommend anywhere from 90 days to 6 months notice. Some events may require even more time. Your event is important to us, so we will do what we can to support you. As noted above, certain restrictions may apply in how we can promote your event, so please contact us so that we can answer your questions. Thank you!

Who owns STAR 88.3

STAR 88.3 is owned by STAR Educational Media Network, a not-for-profit 501c3 entity that was formed in the Spring of 2009. Prior to the sale of the station in October of 2009, STAR 88.3 was owned by the Indiana District-Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for 23 years. They knew the potential for the station’s growth, but also recognized the opportunity to increase support for its missions programs and decided to sell the station. After much prayer and searching, the STAR 88.3 Management Team led by General Manager Melissa Montana seized the opportunity, formed the new company and began the work on buying the station. In June of 2009, an offer was accepted to purchase the station. After FCC approval and other legal matters, the transfer of ownership took place on Friday, October 30, 2009.

Along with the purchase of STAR 88.3, an alliance was formed with Huntington University. Their staff have been greatly influenced by the station, its value, and its mission. When the opportunity came to partner with the station, Huntington University came to the table with people to serve on the board of directors and with financial support to help purchase the station.

In 2010, STAR acquired a full-powered signal in the Angola area (the Lakes) at 91.3 FM with the help of Parkview Health.

In 2015, a full-powered signal in Darke County OH at 88.9 FM was acquired by STAR to go along with our existing network of translator signals in Kendallville, Warsaw, Auburn, and Richmond.