O’Onda Gallery & Gifts / MW Designs

Phone: (765) 935-9717

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Oondagalleryandgifts/

Email: melinda@oondafairtrade.com

Business Hours:
Wednesday - Friday 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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Richmond, IN 47371

O'Onda Gallery & Gifts ~where you purchase with purpose ~
Fine Art ~ Fair Trade ~ Artisans ~ Causes

O'Onda means "The Wave" (Portuguese)

O'Onda Gallery & Gifts features juried art, international fair trade, specialty food artisans, products for causes.
You start a ripple effect in touching lives when you purchase from the villager of fair trade, the gifted artist, or the products representing a special cause.
Your purchase continues to flow & supports humanitarian aid/outreaches in Mozambique, Africa through From The Heart Int'l. Inc., a 501c3 headquartered in the lower level of O'Onda.


MW Designs is your interior design consultant, project liason and/or sales specialist. 

How you see your home or business can affect how you feel when you are there. Why not enjoy spending your time there while being uplifted by the colors - the design - the flow. Let MW Designs assist you in "feeling the rhythm" of the heartbeat of your home/business. Melinda Wilson has been envisioning spaces for clients for over 30 years, when she began her career as part of the family business. Although she has left the retail industry, she knows how important it is to connect with your sales person; therefore, she can meet you at the area furniture businesses & still serve as your sales specialist. Call Melinda for an appointment today to transform your home/business.

Visit MW Designs on Facebook or email her: melinda@askmwdesigns.com.