Drive-Thru Difference

When you're out getting your morning coffee, or a quick bite for lunch, simply treat the person behind you!

You can take it a step further by leaving them a note (like what is shown below). Hand it to the cashier to give to the person in the car behind you. It’s a great way to let them know you care and an opportunity to introduce them to STAR 88-3.


To get your hands on our Drive-Thru Difference notes, you can stop in at the station during regular business hours, or come by and see us with the STAR 88.3 van at one of our upcoming locations.


I work at a church in southeast Fort Wayne.  Beginning last summer, every week I go to a fast food restaurant for drive through.  Each time I either pay for the person behind me or leave a $5 toward the next person’s meal, if not one is in line behind me.  One time they made a mistake on my order, and instead of charging me for the upgrade, as should have been done, the manager gave it to me.  When I asked why? he said because of what I do every week.  i told him if you listen to Star 88.3 you’d hear that this is happening all over Ft. Wayne.  He said, “not in this part of town.  Thank you.”  I’m still paying for someone’s lunch every Wednesday.  What a joy!

Amy R

Just had the coolest thing happen.  I voted this morning, so I decided I was a little late to work already so I would stop at the McDonald’s drive thru in Bluffton.  I was the 7th person in line to pay for the person behind me meal.  The cashier told me the record was 10…....hopefully we broke that record this morning!!  I smiled all the way to work…....kindness still lives!!!!

CD Pierucki

This is not quite a drive thru difference but something similar. Im a waitress. I have an elderly couple come every monday to eat lunch. They both use canes and still do not walk well. Mondays is their doctor visit day so they eat lunch too. Well I did my usual hold the door for them to exit and enter. My table next to them were 2 ladies. After the elderly couple left and I was cleaning other tables one of the ladies came up to me and slipped me a bill. I said thank you. She said its for helping the elderly couple because too many people wouldnt do that these days. I tucked in my apron and did not look at it but kept on with my work. I looked shortly after and it was $20. I was shocked! I went to the lady and ask if she was sure she wanted to give this money to me. She said GOD wanted me to give this to you. You have a kind heart. Someday do this for someone else in need. The funny thing is I just told my co-workers this morning that I needed to make $90 this week because my kids needed that much money this week for things going on at school. I dont make much money but hope someday I can do for someone else too!

Danielle G

To whom it may concern: Thank you for your kindness in paying for our breakfast this morning at Dunkin Donuts on Coldwater Rd.  My daughter and I were touched by your kindness that we too had to pay it forward.  Blessings to you!

Barbara S

I have been listening to STAR 88.3 for several years now.  I hear the commercials for the drive-thru difference. I had to work this morning and decided to stop at McDonald’s and grab breakfast.  When I got to the window I was told that the lady in front of me had paid for my order.  Things like this just do not happen to me and we have been going through a lot lately.  I was very moved.  I have been wanting to make a drive-thru difference for a long time, but just never have. There was no one behind me in line, but I guarantee that I will be paying this kindness forward very soon!  Thank you to the lady in front of me with the Michigan license plate at the McDonald’s on West Jefferson this morning.  You may never see this, but I want you to know that you truly have made my day.  Thank you!!


I had dropped off some prescriptions to get filled after a doctors appointment because I was sick.  I went over to McDonalds on Coventry since I had to wait for the prescriptions.  The Star van was in front of me.  When I got to the window, she said “your meal was paid for”.  I said,“Yes! Isn’t it wonderful of people to do that?”  She looked shocked.  I said to keep the paper, and I paid for the car behind me.  It was very nice since I felt down that day, and I just kept the feeling of kindness going.