Using Playtime to Talk to Kids about God

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“Did you know that Peter Pan could ask Jesus into his heart and be saved from his sins and live in heaven forever?” I asked my daughter as she played with Peter Pan and Tinkerbell dolls in the bathtub.

“He can?” she asked.

“Yes, he can. And then Jesus will live in him forever, and he when he dies, he will go to Heaven.”

She was in awe, and this began the conversation in which she asked Jesus into her own heart. It was a precious moment, and one that probably would not have happened if I had not approached the subject using her toys.

Play is powerful for children. Incredible amounts of learning happen through play from birth until about age 6 (even later according to some experts).

Play therapy is a popular way to help kids deal with strong emotions. One of my daughters has an anxiety disorder, and talking to her therapist over a dollhouse and dolls helped her to process those feelings in a tangible way. It was extremely beneficial.


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