Though retired from hockey, Kaleigh Schrock always ready to dance - Komets

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Though he earned almost 1,000 penalty minutes during six years with the Komets, about the only thing that scares him as much as clowns is dancing, particularly in public. So when the director of athlete development at the Sport One/Parkview Icehouse received a phone call recently asking him to take part in a dancing competition, he almost immediately rejected the idea. Even listening to the message gave him the willies!But then he had another thought."How selfish would that be?" Schrock said. "I get to work with kids who are healthy and athletic and they leave the ice every day smiling. I thought back to when we did the teddy bear toss distribution at the children's hospital, and I thought why haven’t we been doing this every year for the kids? That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, going to see those kids, and I thought I can look like a fool and dance as long as I can raise some money for these kids."Schrock, 32, is taking part in "Reason to Dance, Reason to Hope," a March 10 fundraiser for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis patterned after the "Dancing with the Stars" television show. Schrock is working his way through 15 lessons from Fort Wayne Ballroom Company with co-owner Kelly Bartlett-Spalding as his partner and teacher, practicing salsa and quick-step moves.

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