Steve Carter - “This Invitational Life”

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Steve Carter today, teaching Pastor at Willow Creek Community Church and author of "This Invitational Life", shares with us about the purpose and passion to help us through his experiences as we invite others to share in this relationship with Christ.  Steve tells us that he loves watching people who are far from God and just loves to engage them in a conversation and watch how God moves.  He shares a recent story of when he and his interns were in Barnes and Noble and their encounter with a woman at Barnes and Noble who was looking at the section that deals with grief and dying.  The intern asked her why she was looking in that particular section and she told this 19-year-old intern that she needed help processing through death.  The intern asked her to tell him more and she shared that she had lost her son.  They all came around her and asked her to pray.  She responded by stating that she felt God at Barnes and Noble.  He said that the journey of this book takes us through the questions:  How are we living deep with Jesus?  How are we showing up with expectation?  How are we looking to spark ongoing relationships and risk it all on what matters most to God? And that's people. That's the journey with "This Inspirational Life".  

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