ReviveOHIO Update

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Two Ohio couples have raised their funding this week and have been officially accepted as missionaries with Time To Revive!

Steve & Jamie Baker:
Steve and Jamie were introduced to reviveOHIO :: Darke County through family members. Steve and Jamie were drawn to the TTR team by the common purpose and goal of equipping the Church and reclaiming territory for the Kingdom of God. Steve and Jamie have 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Prior to TTR, Steve was a machinist and Jamie directed a non-profit food co-op. Click here to read more of their “God Story”!  

Steve and Amy Harmon:
Steve and Amy Harman first heard about Time to Revive while serving as lead pastor and administrator, respectively, for a church in Ohio, where they have served for 22 years. One night during a prep trip, Steve prayerfully asked the Lord how they (he, Amy and their church as a whole) were to be involved with reviveOHIO. The word from the Lord was clear, “It’s your choice whether you put your hand to the plow or not, but once you do, don’t look back.” In response, they said yes, and were all in with reviveOHIO. They love seeing people’s lives changed for Christ. They chose to put their hands to the plow, and they haven’t looked back! Click here to read more of Steve & Amy’s “God Story”!

PRAY for these new full-time missionaries and the journey before them! They will all be serving during reviveTX!

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