Revive Ohio update

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PRAISE THE LORD: After 567 days of persevering and trusting the Lord to raise up ministry partners, Jim Reynolds from Greenville, OH, is a fully-funded TTR team member! Jim felt the call to go into full-time ministry almost two years before meeting TTR, and he was instantly impacted by TTR during the reviveOHIO :: Darke County outreach in August 2016. Jim’s life has been forever changed. He loves seeing the book of Acts unfold before his eyes as he makes sharing the Gospel a lifestyle. PRAISE THE LORD for their immediate obedience and trusting the Lord through the process. PRAY for Jim and Marla as they begin this journey full time and jump into serving with the reviveOHIO :: Champaign County outreach.

Revive Ohio continues to impact our community!  Mercer County has a group meeting for an outreach day next Saturday and a week from today, a week of outreach begins as Champaign County churches unite to share the gospel.  What started in Darke County has spread through other counties in Ohio and hundreds have accepted Christ.  It’s been an absolute honor for us at STAR 88.3 to be involved with this!  Praise God!  Follow all the details at  

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