Revive OH Update

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PRAISE THE LORD: We are excited to announce TWO MORE full-time Missionaries! We give thanks for the Lord providing full-time support for both Matt Reynolds in 59 days, and Alisa Beisner in 72 days! Isn’t that amazing!

MATT REYNOLDS: After reviveOHIO erupted out of Darke County into the surrounding communities, it made its way to Mercer County in December 2016. Matt Reynolds, lead pastor at Grand Lake United Methodist Church in Celina, OH, helped to organize the local pastors and encouraged Grand Lake to serve as the initial host location. Matt was drawn to how TTR bridges the divide of denominations and brings the entire Christian community together for the sake of sharing the Gospel. He connected with TTR’s passion for prayer, outreach, worship and intentional discipleship. Now part of the TTR team, Matt will continue working to unite the body of Christ, encouraging the Church to focus on Jesus and set aside the things that normally divide us.

Matt lives in Tipp City, OH with his wife, Heidi, and their three children, Nolan, Grady and Jonathan. He begins full-time with TTR July 1. 

ALISA BEISNER: Alisa’s journey with Time to Revive began during reviveOHIO :: Darke County in August 2016. She was challenged and encouraged to step outside of her comfort zone as a means to reach others for Christ.  One of her favorite things about serving with TTR is the unity among churches. “It has been absolutely beautiful to see so many come together under the common denominator of Christ. Instead of competing, we are encouraging and working alongside each other to share the amazing hope of Jesus Christ!”

Alisa lives in Ansonia, OH with her husband Stuart. Before joining the TTR team, Alisa worked as outreach director, accountant and interim worship leader for her home church, Ansonia First Church of God. 

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