Revive IN/OH Updates

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One of our missionary families was driving back to Indiana from Texas and ran into a group of students from a partnering church in Fort Wayne, IN. They were just returning from a mission trip where they used the Bibles and wristbands to share the Gospel. Praise the Lord for His Word spreading everywhere!  

Last August, TTR poured into Darke County, OH for what started as a one-week outreach. But the Lord led TTR to remain in Darke County for 21 days. After the Darke County outreach, TTR held outreaches in Dayton, Auglaize County and Mercer County, OH. NOW, we have this group of Ohio TTR Missionaries (fully supported) and MIPS (still raising funds). Ohio has two counties (Allen and Shelby) planned for weeklong outreaches in September and October, and we are having conversations with 11 more counties. GOD IS ON THE MOVE.

Elkhart Indiana hosted a weeklong VBS during the evenings last week. God moved in the hearts of the reviveINDIANA missionaries and volunteers as they served the children who showed up night after night. The kids were so hungry for the Gospel message and love of Jesus. Most had never heard the Bible stories and wanted to hear more. One testimony is of a young man named Vinnie: “Our prayers were answered during our last evening of Vacation Bible School...Vinnie accepted Jesus into his heart! After weeks of people pouring into him, him considering it and weighing it all out in his mind...he made his heart’s decision, came to me and said he was ready. God had given Vinnie a sign. Praise God for his faithfulness; Vinnie has found new life! 

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