Naomi Cantrell, STAR Community Rep for Darke County, OH

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Melissa Montana talks with Naomi Cantrell, our STAR 88.3 Community Representative in Darke County, OH.  Naomi shares that the community is making plans for spring and everyone is really excited about Declare Greenville, on Friday, March 3 at 7:00 PM; a time where churches in the community will worship together, reach out to help a local ministry called Crisis Relief, and pray together to see what God will do in year two of revival in the county!  Last year, Revive OH was huge in this community and we've seen hundreds of people come to know the Lord!  Naomi also shares about a young lady that lives close to Greenville who overdosed in 2014 and there is a support group growing and thriving all because of her life and her journey.  Now this community has gained 14 support groups in this area.  

Naomi also tells us that many people are now listening to STAR at 88.9 and love the outreach, music and message of STAR 88.3.  We are excited to continue to be a part of this community!  

To learn more about Declare Greenville and how you may be a part of this evening, click here.

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