Mitch Kruse - “Street Smarts from Proverbs”

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The Book of Proverbs is filled with wisdom, guiding us to live a life established in truth and freedom. Author of "Street Smarts from Proverbs", Mitch Kruse, writes how to connect God's heart with street smarts. In his book, Mitch introduces Solomon's 12 words to the wise: righteousness, equity, justice, wise behavior, understanding, wise communication, prudence, discretion, wise counsel, discipline, knowledge, and learning. Each of the 12 words is paired with a real-life story of someone who experienced God's miraculous restoration after humbling their heart to Him. 

The book will engage the reader to take direction from Proverbs to apply to conflict at work, home, among friends, and in ministry. For more information on Mitch Kruse and "Street Smarts from Proverbs", please visit:

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