Mike Sanders - Work at Home Jobs for Disabled Americans

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Mike Sanders, Director of Marketing for NTI (National Telecommuting Institute) informs listeners about this non-profit organization whose mission is to provide work-at-home jobs for Americans with disabilities, including disabled Veterans. 

NTI has been in business for 25 years and has helped over 175,000 disabled Americans with their job search efforts. Of those, over 800 have been in the Ft. Wayne area and 3,000 in the state of Indiana. 

NTI also has a Land-a-Job program for disabled Americans who are able to work outside the home. 

For more information on NTI and their Work-at Home program and Land-a-Job program, please call their toll free number at: 877-248-8912 or visit: http://www.NTICentral.org 

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