Mark Moore - “A Stroke of Faith”

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As a successful businessman, father, and husband, Author, Mark Moore, thought he was in control of his life. After 2 near fatal strokes in May 2007, at age 46, Mark realized he was not in control of anything. 

In his book, "A Stroke of Faith", Mark shares his journey from his life prior to the strokes, the season during his strokes and recovery period, to the new season of renewed faith. Mark shares 6 key insights that helped him through his recover. He shares how turning to faith in God, leaning on family and friends, reading scripture, prayer, and playing Christian music were key roles in his recovery. Mark also educates his readers and listeners on the signs of a stroke which include: F-face drooping, A- arm difficulty, S-speech difficulty, and T- time to call 911. 

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