Juan Barrientes - Self-Defense

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As Lead Defensive Tactics Instructor, FWPD, and owner of Defend the Attack, Juan Barrientes,shares life-saving tips on how men and women can protect themselves from becoming vulnerable to physical attacks. The number one tip Juan shares is to stay off cell phones when walking on campus, in parking lots, shopping, etc. Awareness of surroundings is the #1 line of defense taken to protect oneself. 

Juan also suggests altering your pattern of driving to school or work. Adding variety to daily routine can throw off would be attackers. Anyone being attacked should make a scene to bring attention to the situation. 

For more information on self defense, please visit Juan's website at: http://www.jenthreepointzero.wixsite.com

Juan also suggest reading, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin De Becker. Listeners can order this book at: http://www.gavindebecker.com

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