Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore: “Growing Friendships: A Kids Guide to Making and Keeping Friends”

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Psychologist and Author, Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore is excited to share tips from her recently published book, "Growing Friendships: A Kids Guide to Making and Keeping Friends." Dr. Kennedy-Moore identifies 5 essential skills parents can teach their children  to guide them to make and keep friends. These skills include: 1. Reaching out to make friends. 2. Stepping back to keep friends. 3. Blending in to join friends. 4. Speaking up to share with friends. 5. Letting go to accept friends. 

Dr. Kennedy-Moore encourages parents to role play with their children to teach them how to greet new friends. She also encourages that children choose friends with similar interests and values. 

For more information, please visit:http://www.eileenkennedymoore.com or: http://www.drfriendtastic.com

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