Deb DeArmond - “Don’t Go to Bed Angry:  Stay Up and Fight”

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 Deb DeArmond and her husband, Ron co-authors of the book, "Don't Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight" discuss the tools needed to provide couples how to  fight for their marriages. This book offers readers real-life examples, personal testimonies and biblical wisdom.  Deb says that any difference in opinion or perspective comes from a little bit of each spouse's ideas as well as a little bit from God's Word.  Deb states that when we learn to listen with an open heart and with an open mind and talk less we can get to greater authenticity which leads to better communication.  Deb says that if we want the best solution we need to slow down and come to the best solution that supports both and to set aside the idea that we want to be the "winner" in the situation.  She reminds us that neither spouse is a "loser" in this relationship.  Deb's last word to us is that  silence in the house does not mean peace or agreement.  Silence could be a sign of disconnect between spouses and we need to realize that the real enemy is not our spouse.

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