David Covey - ‘Trap Tales”

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Superiority Complex may be killing marriages. Co-Author of "Trap Tales", David Covey, discusses with us today one of the 7 relationship traps that can destroy a marriage. Superiority Complex operates in a marriage when one or both spouses feels that their upbringing is superior to their spouse's upbringing. The mindset that our way is right, leads to division. 

David suggests that couples must communicate and have a shared vision for their marriage. They must agree on a pathway and acknowledge to one another that their upbringing is not superior, just different. To avoid the 7 relationship traps discussed in "Trap Tales", couples need to talk about and agree upon their finances, raising children, disciplining children, roles of marriage - how household duties will be divided. Moving from "me" to "we" will lead couples on a clear pathway to a successful and rewarding marriage. 

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