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Clinton Faupel - RemedyLIVE

Clinton Faupel with RemedyLIVE talks about how they provide a safe place for conversations about struggles.  Maybe the holidays are a difficult time of year - they are here to listen.  No…

Marian Jordan Ellis - “Stand: Rising Up Against Darkness, Temptation, and Persecution”

When faced with personal trials and a difficult world, it can be hard to stay strong in our faith. Author, Speaker, and Founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries, Marian Jordan Ellis, shares…

Deb DeArmond - “Don’t Go to Bed Angry:  Stay Up and Fight”

 Deb DeArmond and her husband, Ron co-authors of the book, "Don't Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight" discuss the tools needed to provide couples how to  fight for their marriages. This book…

Pastor Kevin Stirrat - “Two Steps From Hope”

The movie, "Two Steps From Hope", premiering at Coldwater Crossing Theater Sunday, May 21, is a result of Lead Pastor, Kevin Stirrat, at Common Ground Church in Decatur, IN., wanting to…

Forgiveness changes the way we remember

From the Brant Hansen Show

Forgiveness is not about empowering yourself

...It's actually about losing power on a lot of levels because you know who really holds it and you trust Him." (From the Brant Hansen Show)

Is Forgiveness a 2-Way Street?

From the Brant Hansen Show

Made of steel

Forgiveness is not a weakness. An example of that is those who lost loved ones from the Isis attack in Egypt said they are letting go of their anger. (From the Brant Hansen Show)

As heard on Scott and Sam…

Listen as Sam's four-year-old daughter puts her in "time out!"