The Cure

Artist: Unspoken

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We're all related
Brothers and strangers
The king and the beggar bleed the same
We've all got a sickness
A terminal condition
We medicate it
But the pain won't go away

See the eyes of a million faces
Lookin' for it in a million places
Only one can save us, Jesus

You are the cure
Everybody's searching for it
Everybody's reaching out
Trying to grab a hold of something real
You are the cure
Only you can satisfy us
Fill up the void inside us
Never been a heart you couldn't heal
You are the cure

You are the doctor
Healer and father
to the orphan without a home
We fell into darkness
We were lost till you found us
You're the remedy we're looking for

You are the cure for the broken
The hope for a hopeless world
The meaning the purpose
The peace that will make us whole
You don't have to search no more