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Lisa Hollister - Bike Safety

Warm weather brings bicyclist out on the road. Both bike riders and car drivers need to take preventitive measures to alleviate bike accidents. Lisa Hollister, Director of Trauma and Acute…

Gina Dalfonzo - “One by One: Welcoming Singles in Your Church’

With an increase of single adults, the church many times is unsure of how to include singles as a group or as individuals into the church. Being a single herself, author Gina Dalfonzo, has…

Matthew West - ‘Hello My Name Is”

Singer and Songwriter, Matthew West received many letters from listener's about how his song, "Hello My Name Is', resignated in their lives. The outpouring of letters inspired  Regardless of…

Dr. Ahad Sadiq - Immunotherapy to Combat Lung Cancer

Dr. Ahad Sadiq, Oncologist with Fort Wayne Oncology and Hematology, has done research on how our body's immune system can fight cancer with a focus on the power of our immune system to fight…

Eric Doden - Greater Ft. Wayne, Inc.

Greater Ft. Wayne, Inc. has unveiled their 10 - year plan for growth and development. Eric Doden, CEO of Greater Ft. Wayne, Inc. shares with us today the 5 major projects to be completed in…

Will Graham - Greater Fort Wayne Will Graham Celebration

Will Graham, grandson of Billy Graham, talks with Melissa Montana today about the upcoming "Greater Fort Wayne Will Graham Celebration" held the evenings of October 6-8 at the Allen County…

Kelly Byrd - Global Leadership Summit

The 2017 Global Leadership Summit will be held at the Fort Wayne Coliseum on August 10-11. With 12 key-note speakers,  the goal of the Summit  is to raise the leadership bar by providing…

Mitch Kruse - “Street Smarts from Proverbs”

The Book of Proverbs is filled with wisdom, guiding us to live a life established in truth and freedom. Author of "Street Smarts from Proverbs", Mitch Kruse, writes how to connect God's heart…

Dr. Scott Stienecker - Lyme Disease

Dr. Scott Stienecker, Director of Epidemiology and Infection Prevention, Parkview Health, educates listeners on Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria transmitted to humans…

Dion Elmore - “A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle”

"A Prayer Warrior's Guide to Spiritual Battle" is a field manuel for exploring the depth and power of a praying life. Author, Dion Elmore, draws on a variety of perspectives in writing this…

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Institute for Leadership and Counseling: 3-Day Intensive

Dr. Norm Wright
Wednesday, August 23, from 1:30-3:30 p.m. 


Dr. Norm Wright, a licensed marriage, family, and child therapist with 30 years of private practice experience, will present "Helping Others When They Experience the Unexpected…

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Illumination Festival

Greenville, Ohio's annual Christian music festival returns for it's 11th year on Saturday, September 16th!  Crowder & Family Force 5 headline this year's event, along with Chris August and Citizen Way!  Grandstand, reserved seating, track…

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Hillside Estates & Heritage Estates Mobile Home Parks | (260) 399-6179
P.O. Box 964, Huntington, Indiana 46750
Providing affordable housing in Huntington, by Huntington University and Manchester, across…
Huntington University | (260) 356-6000
2303 College Avenue, Huntington, Indiana 46750
Huntington University EXCEL Adult Degree Program | (260) 359-4198
2303 College Avenue, Huntington, Indiana 46750