Holiday Shopping Extravaganza

Looking for vendors:
$30 & door prize for 8ft table & 2 chairs

Holiday Shopping Extravaganza will allow you to Christmas shop. Come buy items, order items & have items wrapped (by youth for donation).
The funds raised will be used for start up exspenses of The Journey. 

The Journey Purpose:
Rest - in a relaxed and comfortable state (know that they are in a safe place where they are unconditionally loved!)
Young Adult shared after 1 month in program, “I now can sleep through the entire night. I have not done that in years.”
The Journey will provide a residential program which gives young adults a place to call home. This home will be Christ centered and all adults involved will love each young adult through their transition of living in chaos to learning to live without it. The Journey will give their young adults a family environment which provides unconditional love. The young adults will learn that there is room for family in their lives. It will not always be easy, will not always be fun, but there will be support as they strive to improve life and grow.
Release -a way of dealing with and getting rid of unpleasant emotions, feelings, etc. (as a young person goes through a/ several traumatic events, they are stunted in maturity, causing a lack in judgment in all areas of life. They must work on the hurt & learn to heal.)
The Journey will keep a strong bond with a local church that will accept each young adult where they are at. The church members & pastor will work to build healthy bonds with each young adult. The staff of The Journey will continually love unconditionally each young adult as they learn to let go of the “stuff” that has them “stuck”. The program will require Christian Counseling to help aid young adult in healing their hearts, forgiving those that caused the hurt and moving forward with life. 
Respond - to have a good or desired reaction to something (take steps moving forward to create a healthy life - church, school, work, volunteering, positive activities - that produces healthy relationships.)
Young Adult shared after moving out of program into own residence and attending family function out of state for a weekend, “I enjoyed spending the weekend with the family that chose me.”
The Journey will provide a family atmosphere that exsposes the young adults to reasonable expectations. These expectations would include but not be limited to acquiring a job, furthering education, volunteering within community, curfews, daily chores, communication of what they are doing (when, with whom, where & when they will be home). The Journey will provide a family atmosphere for the young adult that can have long term ties if they wish. The young adult now is a part of the family that chooses them. The Journey will provide exposures, introductions & opportunities for each of the young adults to be successful in their lives. The Journey will continue to work on building connections with local organizations & businesses that will allow it to do this.

Location: St. John Lutheran Church, 729 W. Washington Blvd

Cost: Free to those attending.


Contact Information

Executive Director/Founder: 260.750.2800 |