Join us on Wednesday, April 18 for the next edition of Collaboratorium! 

For our April Collaboratorium, we'll be getting in touch with our sense of touch. We'll be collaborating on clay sculptures that are created by hand--while blindfolded! Each artist will have a set amount of time to work on a piece before handing it off to another blindfolded artist. As always, all supplies will be provided. All you have to do is show up and play with us!

Collaboratorium is all about bringing artists together to create. We love getting artists of all types together in a room and seeing what happens when they collaborate on pieces, whether it's mixed media, painting, drawing, sculpture, performance art, etc. We don't focus on making masterpieces--instead, it's more about the process of artmaking and collaborating in a judgement-free, loose environment. We often learn something during these sessions, and we definitely always have a hell of a good time.

Location: Artlink Contemporary Gallery

Cost: Free


Contact Information

Madison Miller: 2604247195 |