Charlotte’s Web

Wilbur has a problem: How to avoid winding up as pork chops! E.B. White's treasured tale of two unlikely friends, a pig named Wilbur and a little gray spider named Charlotte, explores bravery, selfless love, and the true meaning of friendship.

Darke County Center for the Arts presents Charlotte's Web Sunday, Feb. 18th at 2pm at Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall in Greenville, OH.  Doors open at 1:30pm (will call tickets available at 1pm).  Tickets are general admission and are $5 each.  You can purchase them by calling 877-840-0457.  Also available online here (surcharges apply).

Location: Henry St. Clair Memorial Hall, 215 W. 4th St., Greenville, OH 45331

Cost: $5


Contact Information

Darke County Center for the Arts: 937-547-0908