Awareness & Self Defense Class

Hidden Tigers Martial Arts is offering a reality street driven curriculum for awareness and self-defense.

This is not a martial art belt ranked class.  It is a reality based, street driven self defense class that will include awareness, personal safety, defense for situations of physical and various weapon assaults.  We teach solid techniques that will provide you with an arsenal of skills in order to disengage from hand to hand or weapon assaults.

Hidden Tigers are highly driven and professional, holding black belts in tai quon do with training in other martial arts and various types of self-defense.  Combined instructors have 70+ years of experience.  We offer a highly effective arsenal skill set.  We train and teach for real situations.  

Classes are free for anyone age 10 and up not wanting to be a victim.  Wear loose-fitting clothes and bring fluids to drink for break time.

Location: EUM Church, 111 Devor St., Greenville, OH 45331

Cost: free

Contact Information

Brenda Glunt: 937-564-8708