Events On Tuesday, November 13 2018

Strengthening Families in Randolph County
Randolph County Extension will be hosting the Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth: 10-14.  This program was analyzed by the World Health Organization as the #1 program out of 6,000!  It is for parents and youth who are between the… Learn More
SaveOne Post Abortion Bible Study
There is hope and healing that is found in God's word. We will be launching our second bible study after witnessing this transformation take place in our own lives and now in others. SaveOne has chapters nationwide and internationally as… Learn More
Healing Prayer Service
First Christian Church (DOC) 4800 S. Calhoun St in Fort Wayne Indiana will have a Healing Prayer Service the 2nd Tuesday of every month starting at 7 pm.  Prayer Teams will also be available for private prayer time. Learn More


Give Love Christmas 2018
Accepting nominations Novemer 1st - November 21st. Give Love surprises begin December 10th - 14th. Submit your nomination by telling us there survey here.  We want to hear their stories. We want to bring hope to those in need and… Learn More