Prayer Request

If you or someone you know has a special prayer request, we'd be honored to pray for you! The information you provide below will be delivered to the STAR 88.3 Prayer Team. All prayer requests are KEPT CONFIDENTIAL and will NOT BE mentioned on-air, or published on-line on any STAR 88.3 media platform. 

If you are in a life threatening situation that needs immediate attention, please call 1-800-525-LOVE (800-525-5683) and you will be connected with someone immediately. 

By submitting your prayer request to STAR 88.3, you understand that your first name, location and prayer will be shared with the STAR 88.3 Prayer Team and perhaps with other employees of STAR 88.3. For the sake of others’ privacy, please refrain from using any person’s last name, city, phone number, and other personal information where persons could be recognized and-or identified.

Photo of Scott and Sam
Scott and Sam
Photo of Brant and Sherri
Brant and Sherri
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Melissa Montana
Photo of Tim Dawson
Tim Dawson
Photo of Keep the Faith with Penny
Keep the Faith with Penny
Photo of Keep the Faith Weekend
Keep the Faith Weekend
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Tyler Boss
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Naomi Cantrell
Photo of Don Buettner
Don Buettner