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The day I turned 10 was the last day I got any older… well at least on the inside! I love to just make the most of any situation and make it fun. Of course, there are some situations that just aren’t fun, but you know what I mean.

I LOVE sports and think March Madness is the greatest creation since God created the universe! Ok I know I definitely took that too far. I grew up in Paulding, Ohio so I guess by default I am a HUGE Ohio State fan. I am also a diehard Cleveland Browns fan (I was born into it please don’t make fun of me) and of course the Cleveland Indians.

I think my parents knew what I was going to be when I grew up whenever I would perform with the children’s choir in church. I had to make sure I sang the loudest and if there were any hand motions, well, let’s just say nobody wanted to be next to me. Oh they knew I would be doing some type of performance. I have an older brother Justin and between the two of us, my Mom has had some pretty embarrassing moments!

I went to college at Mount Vernon Nazarene University where I fell in love with radio. I interned with STAR 88.3 the summer between my Junior and Senior years. I must have done something right because they hired me and I started working as soon as I graduated in May 2008. Honestly, it has been such an amazing experience working at STAR the last few years and I absolutely love everyone I work with.

I married the absolute love of my life on March 7th, 2014...Haley JoAnn Boss. We became best friends during one of the most difficult times in my life and He used her to pick me back up. We fell in love and so the wonderful story is being written everyday. A story that includes our three children in Branson, Bridgette, and Thaddeus. 

I just want to encourage you if you are going through trials and brokenness in your life, that although they don't feel like blessings at the time; God is using those times to mold you into the person you were meant to be. A person formed in the image of God! He loves you and cares for you!

God Bless!