Keep the Faith Weekend

Photo of Keep the Faith Weekend

"Keep the Faith" is not just another radio show.

Keep The Faith is out to make Encouragement Contagious by spreading Good News, Uplifting Messages, and Songs of Hope and Inspiration. Every night, you can experience “real life” and “real-life issues” people have either gone through or are currently going through.

Keep The Faith also provides you with tools and information to enrich your life despite the obstacles you may be facing.

Along with the radio show, you can join one of our small encouragement groups on-line and meet new friends who are facing the same challenges you are. Don't see a group that deals with your particular issue? Then simply START ONE! Soon, people from all over the world will be a member of your group. All because--you cared!

If you have a story to share, we'd love to hear from you. By doing so, you might help someone else going through the same thing. Just call 1-800-726-4150.

*Keep the Faith Weekend, hosted by Keith Stevens and Donna Cruz
All Day Sunday (starting at 6am ET)

*Keep the Faith with Penny
Weeknights (7-10pm ET)